What I Learned From A Banana

Blessed greetings! You know, our teachers come in many forms – they don’t always have to be people. I’ve learned a whole lot of things watching the tide roll in, watching birds hop and flit about and, most recently, I learned something from carrying a banana in my tote bag.

Bananas have thick skin – or so it seems. But if you ever carry a banana in your bag you’ll realize just how delicate they actually are. Upon pulling it out after as little as an hour, you may find it riddled with black bruises or, perhaps, even find the skin bursting at the seams. Looking at my injured banana reminded me that things are not always a tough as they seem. As strong as we may be, we are also delicate creatures, in need of consistent tenderness, balance and gentle pressure.

Having thick skin doesn’t prevent us from being wounded if we’re jostled around too much, so we must be cautious who’s “bag” we ride in and how long we allow ourselves to remain there. On the same vein, we must be cautious of how we “carry” others, remaining mindful of how our words and actions may affect them – especially our children.

Today and every day, let us handle each other with care, may our bruises be few! Ase!

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