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Black Spirit Solstice Summit 2022

Created and Hosted by Iya Funlayo, PhD (AseIre.com | @iyafunlayo)

Saturday, Dec. 17 | Schedule

10:00 AM

Marketplace opens / Coffee hour 

11:00 AM

Baba o, hey! Yeye o, hey! Salute to the Ancestors, Lighting of the Candle 

Iya Funlayo & Family

11:30 AM

Human Design: An African Perspective
Iya Funlayo, PhD

12:30 PM
The Power of Platonic Love

Dr. Marisa Franco (drmarisagfranco.com | @drmarisagfranco)
Buy her NYT Bestselling Book “Platonic”


1:30 PM
Break / Market


2:00 PM
Radical Self-Care for Black Folks

Dr. Franita Ware (franitawarephd.com)

3:00 PM
Ifa Chants for Personal Empowerment

Chief Babalawo Oluwole Ifakunle Adetutu (Ifakunle.com | @babalawo_ifakunle)

4:00 PM
Break / Market


4:30 PM
Hoodoo Hypnotherapy

The AfroMystic (theafromystic.com | thatafromystic)

5:30 PM
Awure: The Spiritual Technology of Good Luck Medicine

Babalawo Faseye Sangobukunmi (orilagba.org | @orilagba)

6:30 PM
Closing the Circle &
Babaluaiye Cleansing Ritual
Iya Funlayo & Family

7:00 PM

After Party with DJ Funke (@i.am.funke)



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