Iya Funlayo's new e-book and audio guide to teach you to say the MO JUBA prayer is here. This is the most important prayer in orisa practice and the one we say together every Sunday!

Welcome to Ase Ire!

31239461_10155131464101082_731725486501134336_nBlessed greetings, se alaafia ni? (How are you?) I’m Iya Funlayo and you’re welcomed to Ase Ire, a place to learn, grow, and connect with spirit!

I’m a scholar of Africana religions, Ifa-Orisa priestess, tarot reader, and spiritualist and I use all of these to help my students and clients to align with their destinies and feel happy, healthy, and whole!

Find out more about Ase Ire, read my blog, and check out the resources. Want more? Join the Akeko Circle for online and in-person instruction!

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