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 Iya Funlayo is available for divination, weddings, memorial services, naming ceremonies, lectures, and more!

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Please note that Iya Funlayo is not a medical or legal professional and these services are not meant to replace mental health, legal, or other services. Please see the disclaimer for more details. All services are confidential. 



Delivered via Email within 10 business days

Obi ni bee iku, obi ni bee arun. It is obi that pushes away death, it is obi that pushes away sickness. Obi is the most frequent and important offering we give to the orisa, and we do so on their ose (worship day) which comes around every “four-four” days, as the Yoruba say. I will make prayer and give obi, oti (spirits), epo (palm oil), and oyin (honey) on your behalf to the ancestors, Ifa, Osun, Obatala, Ogun, Esu, Egbe, or Ibeji (your choice or guided by spirit) on their worship day and deliver any message the orisa has for you. You may include a question in the “notes to seller” field if you have a specific question or concern.




This is unlike any reading you’ve had before! I pray the mo juba to invoke and connect with the ancestors, the orisa, my spirit guides, and you, the client. I then pull tarot cards with the intention of delivering a message that will connect you with your highest destiny, using additional tools such as a pendulum and crystals to fine-tune the reading and see where the dominant energy lies. Finally, we close with a throw to Esu Elegba to ensure you have received all the information spirit has for you at this time and to confirm your prescriptions. In addition to the information, you will leave with a spiritual prescription aimed at balancing your energy and ushering in the goodness of your reading. We can address love, money, work–whatever you’d like! Is it your first reading or do you have several questions or want to spend some extra time with me? Be sure to choose the hour, time flies when you’re having fun!

30 Minutes | $50

60 Minutes | $95



Do you and your love need spiritual advice? Receive a reading for two, including advice on spiritual (and sexual–don’t be shy, I’m not!) compatibility.  
This is a COUPLES’ reading intended for two people. 
75 Minutes | $125



 Do you have questions about African spirituality, mediumship, or other aspects of your spiritual life? Need advice about how to break through blockages and get on the path to greatness? I will pull one card to help direct the conversation and we will chat about whatever your heart desires while I guide with love!

30 Minutes | $50

60 Minutes | $95



Delivered via Email within 10 business days.

Do you have one specific question or concern you’d like answered? Or just need a quick bit of insight? I use prayer, my intuition and the cards to answer your question or concern, or to provide a brief snapshot of the energies around you. If you have a question, enter it in the “notes to seller” field.