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Ase Ire is an orisa temple and spiritual community where people of African descent are invited to learn, grow, and connect with spirit and with others like you who are on the path!

Founded by Iya Funlayo E. Wood, PhD in 2010, Ase Ire aims to serve the community with iwa pele (humble and gentle character) and uplifts the names of our ancestors, orisa and all African divinity in all we do! Ase!

Ase Ire’s mission is to help people of African descent to learn, grow, connect with spirit, and improve their lives using African spiritual principles. 

Learn about Ifa-Orisa and other African and Diasporic Religions (ADR) and indigenous spiritual traditions from around the world

Grow in your personal practice of Ifa-Orisa and other metaphysical systems and tools like prayer, divination, mediumship, and ritual

Connect more deeply with spirit and with other people like you, who are working to go deeper with their spiritual knowledge




Iya Funlayo & Ase Ire offer services for all occasions, for individuals and groups. Services include:


– Weekly LIVE Orisa Prayer and Meditation Service 

Spiritual readings by Iya Funlayo

– Ifa divination (provided by Chief Awo Ifakunle)

– Personal spiritual counseling and advisement

– Weddings, Naming Ceremonies, and Memorial Ceremonies

– Group bonding rituals and workshops

– Group spiritual travel

– More!


Book readings and spiritual counseling here

For ceremonies and other services contact Iya Funlayo