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Sister Funlayo is blessed with deep intuition and insight amplified by divine guidance. Her love for helping connect people to their deeper selves and tap into their own intuition and insight is evidenced by the joy exhibited during her readings. Funlayo’s reading touched on some deeply person issues without feeling intrusive. She clearly holds her work as sacred and cultivates trust through her respect of her gifts and acknowledgement of the preciousness of what she shares with you. Many thanks and I pray that the Creator, deities and ancestors continue to support your strong walk in service of the highest aspects of humanity. -AA

Funlayo is an amazing support to have. She is attentive, helpful, and sensitive to my needs. She’s firm when she needs to be, but her high-spirited continuous energy makes the hardest truth, the easiest to accept. Her insight is unparalleled; although she walks alongside her clients, her thinking is already steps ahead with the solution. – DL

Funlayo is the real deal. My tarot experience with her was gentle, energizing and affirming. I am so happy that she is now apart of my healing/spiritual team! – SC



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