Mo Juba: Ifa-Orisa Prayer

Mo Juba: Ifa-Orisa Prayer and Concepts for Beginners is here for 2019! Interested in Ifa-Orisa and not sure where to begin? Start here with Iya Funlayo’s guide designed to teach you to say this important prayer! The 23-page guide includes:

  • easy-to-follow pronunciation guidance for each Yoruba phrase with English translation
  • simple explanation of each concept
  • brief background on Yoruba language
  • BONUS: Omi Tutu prayer for coolness
  • BONUS: MP3 of the prayer to load on your phone for study on the go!

Join Iya Funlayo every Sunday morning at 10 am EST for Orisa Prayer and Meditation to hear the prayer in action and connect with practitioners from around the US and the world! Details here

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