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Ask a sista FIRST!

I posted this on Facebook and IG the other day because I’m truly wary of all the stories of women having questionable encounters with male priests! Not only #metoo sexual impropriety (which is happening WAY too much and the MOTHERS will deal with those men), but also just bad/wrong information.

Just because a man calls himself a babalawo doesn’t mean he is one! Just because anyone calls themselves by any title does not mean they have the knowledge expected of that station. Titles comes through TRAINING, not merely initiation. Further, IFA IS NOT THE BE ALL AND END ALL OF EVERYTHING, women have innate power and there are also many other systems we can tap into. Y’all know I use tarot, crystals, kola nuts, pendulums… I use what WORKS.

Most importantly, women must feel empowered to work together and not feel as though we must run to men for everything. Whatever we might say publicly, too many of us still really feel and behave this way behind closed doors. Let’s change our mentality. Ask a sista FIRST!

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