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Message for the Week: Rest. Disconnect. CHILL.

Bawo ni nkan? (How are things?)

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I pulled the 4 of swords at the conclusion of our prayer and meditation, on Sunday* and the major message of this card is simple: REST. DISCONNECT. CHILL.

In this “always busy” world, we often forget the importance of getting enough sleep and quieting our minds. This card reminds us and also warns us that if we don’t lay down, we’ll get laid down. Your body can’t fight off illness and your mind and spirit can’t work to optimal levels when they’re over-tired. So chill. Relax your mind. Put the phone and computer to the side and just… be.

Love, light, and growth!

Find out more about this card and its orisa connections in “The Ile”

*Join us for Orisa prayer and meditation every Sunday morning at 10 am EST!
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