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Monday Message: Commit to What’s Important, Banish Negative Thoughts

E ku Monday ooo! Monday greetings Family! I had a beautiful time with you this morning, thanks to those who came up to share their testimonies and demonstrations of gratitude for all of the goodness even in the midst of life’s storms.

Yesterday at Orisa Prayer and Meditation we communed with Osoosi / Ochosi / Oxoosi, who is the Divine Hunter said to be able to track prey through the brush like none other. It is said that he will Study the migratory patterns, droppings, and other details of the animals he is tracking for months if needed in order to ensure a successful hunt. We were asked if we are similarly dedicated to our goals: are we paying attention to the trends surrounding our goal? Are we staying dedicated even if our first arrow happens not to hit the mark?

The cards spirit revealed for this week absolutely follow this theme of commitment and dedication, the first being the adinkra Mware Wo (I’ll Marry You), from the Bresi-Ando Ancestral Oracle deck which reminds us of perseverance and commitment. As we discussed yesterday and this morning, it takes time and perseverance to accomplish a goal, and failure often comes from giving up too soon. Remember, marriage isn’t only about romance; initiation is akin to marrying the spirit as we commit to walk through life together and be of service to one another. Are you holding up your end of any commitments you have made?

We also called the Commitment (#9) card from the Fanm-Saj Sacred Ori Affirmation deck —a double confirmation if ever we saw one if we ever saw one! Again, we’re reminded of the power of commitment and being invited to believe in ourselves. The card provides us with this beautiful mantra to use for the week: “Ori, help me set new traps and goals for myself, to clearly experience all the things, people, and opportunities that help me stay on track with my own life path.” Ase!

Finally, Green Jasper—the rarest and most prized of the jaspers—comes in as our crystal ally helping us to banish the negative thoughts that sometimes get in the way of us following our path. As much as it encourages work, it also demands proper rest and is often referred to as the “sleep stone.” Green Jasper is also known for helping to bring nourishing rains—both literal and metaphorical—into our lives. We pray for the rains to fall and for all of our seeds to grow and benefit us. We ask Osoosi to help us stay dedicated. Ase!

Sending you blessings always! I’ll see you around the Temple this week!

~Iya Funlayo

PS: August Communiversity registration is open! Don’t forget to use your discounts–see you in class!

  • Alexandrea Ward
    Posted at 13:02h, 12 July Reply

    Thank you so much for this message! Whew it resonates on a soul deep level for me. I am grateful that I just saw this and prayed for this driving from an appointment.

    • Iya Funlayo, PhD
      Posted at 15:26h, 23 July Reply

      I’m so glad this resonated with you! Blessings always and in all ways!

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