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Monday Message: Show Your Work, Call in Support

Alaafia Family! E ku ojo aje, greetings on the day of wealth. You know how we do on Monday Mornings, and spirit was coming THROUGH with the messages this am. Thank you to all who joined us on Clubhouse!

As I shared during Orisa Prayer and Meditation,  and say often: your head will never steer you wrong if you use it right. We have the ori of our head to help us reason, the ori of our gut to help us feel and intuit, and the ori of our feet to help us move toward our destiny. We all have moments of cloudiness, but thankfully we are always able to call on Obatala, the great father and owner of all heads, to wrap us in his white cloth and help move us toward clarity. Which of these areas could you most use help in right now?

Our tarot card for the week is the 3 of Pentacles and our crystal ally is Rhodonite. The 3 of Pentacles encourages us to show our work and be proud of the things we produce using our unique gifts. Is there something you’ve created, written, or envisioned that you are holding back on sharing? Find at least one person to share it with this week to help keep yourself accountable and also to tap into support.

As if on cue, Rhodonite shows up to remind us of the power of connection and encourage us  to strengthen our relationships, starting with ourselves. It comes with gentle, heart-stimulating energy that helps us tap into our hidden talents and use them toward their highest good. Getchu a piece (or pull up an image) and meditate with it this week if you can.

Ire gbogbo! All blessings! I pray the highest manifestation of this message for you and I’ll see you around the Temple for all our weekly events.

~Iya Funlayo

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