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Monday Message: Use Your Ori and Don’t Stop, Get it Get it!

Alaafia Family! Always a pleasure to be with you on Sundays and Monday Mornings! Spirit came through high, thank you to those who were with us on ClubHouse and who shared your gems and testimonies.

This week’s messages from spirit are coming from the Seven of Swords and Pyrite—both carry heavy masculine energies encouraging us to get up, get out, and do something! Fitting follow up to our celebration of Father’s Day and discussion of the divine masculine yesterday.

Seven of Swords Is known as the card of craftiness and encourages us to use this week to use our ori well as we gather and sharpen our tools. What new skill might you need to get the job done? Do your tools need some maintenance? Are you tapping your networks like you could and should? The seven of swords ask us to consider all of these things. It also cautions us to keep our eyes sharp as we sign contracts or make agreements this week to ensure you understand exactly what you are getting into and avoid mishaps.

Then the pyrite crystal comes in like POW! with its encouragement for us to see the abundance in everything around us: the trees, the waters, the crystals and gems of the earth, and the strength that resides within us. All of these are the hallmarks of prosperity. It asks us to recognize those areas where we are already abundant, and perhaps don’t recognize it, and encourages us to put some fire to our feet and get moving with that seat of our ori that takes us to the places we need to go to find our blessings.

Finally, we also did a lil bibliomancy and read a message that encouraged us to help lift someone’s spirits who we know is facing disappointment. Share the message of pyrite that, in spite of any setback, we are still surrounded by all of the abundance of creation and that is always something to be grateful for.

Love y’all and look forward to seeing you around the virtual temple this week. I’m also INCREDIBLY excited for the in-person events and trips soon to be back on our calendar. Save the dates September 18-19 for our Inaugural Community Wellness Conference. It’ll be online and also feature live gatherings around the country for you to attend in person—woot!

Ire gbogbo!

~Iya Funlayo

PS: If you need some pyrite, holla at our Ase Ire Family member Eclectic Soul Organics, and check out the Efunfunlayo Collection featuring Eclectic Soul’s handiwork!

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