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Odù Reflection: When Helter Isn’t Skelter

Ever feel like life is spinning out of control?

At one moment or another, I think we all have and it’s not a good feeling. But sometimes, we need that spin out, that commotion, that… raw energy to take us out of our comfort zone, to make us take a good look at our current situation and to help us muster the courage to make necessary changes.

Recently, the Odù Ifá Ogunda Otura was revealed during a divination session at which I was present. My mentor explained that this odù is known as the odù of helter skelter, and most often marks the beginning of a tumultuous time in a person’s life.

Despite the difficulty, this Odù also often marks a significant – ultimately positive – change, a change that might not be possible without that period of trial and tribulation. This odù is reminiscent of the tarot card The Tower, and speaks to the idea that, at times, the walls must come crashing down around us before we realize we need to build a new house.

Hard as they may be to see while we’re in the midst, the most difficult periods of our lives are often when we learn, grow and progress the most. These periods aren’t really “helter skelter” at all in that they are not random occurrences, but carefully constructed circumstances to spark our transformation. These are not times for self-pity, but times for self-examination. What needs to change? How can you change it? Answering these questions honestly can help turn a rough ride into smooth sailing.

Here’s to calm waters ahead. Ase!

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Featured Image Credits: Helter Skelter by Amber-Jane Raab
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