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Refresh, Renew, Re-Do!

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The beach is one of my favorite places to refresh, Olokun lagba o! I took this picture of my Mr. on Cape Cod, May 2017

My people! Bawo ni nkan? (how are things?) I’m doing great and so happy to be back in the swing of writing and sharing with you. What do you think of the new site? I felt like it needed to be lighter, brighter, and fresher with more of that light white energy of Obatala (eeepa orisa!) and a little touch of gold for Osun (ore Yeye o!). I hope you like it, and that you feel the beautiful energy of both these orisa embracing you whenever you visit.

You know, no matter who you are, it’s way too easy to get comfortable and fall into a state of complacency. When that happens, things can get stagnant. Or they grow, but not in a direction we like. While I manage to do quite a lot (probably too much sometimes, if I’m being honest!) I, too, have those moments when I feel like things just aren’t going the way I’d like them to, or like they’ve grown stagnant or stale, or like I’ve simply outgrown them.

What to do?

When I’m feeling like this, I like to turn to my three Rs (y’all know I love alliteration and rhyme): Refresh, Renew, Re-Do!

Refresh: Refresh yourself with new energy by taking a spiritual bath or otherwise cleansing your bodily temple. Energy of all kinds builds up on us as we move through the world, including that which is heavy and unproductive. Refresh your shrines: change the waters, get fresh flowers or herbs, and new candles to help bring positive, productive energy into your space.

Renew: Renew your commitment to the work you’ve been chosen to do, whatever that is. Whether you’re a teacher, a healer, a lawyer, a dancer, a circus clown (hey y’all!), or a social worker, take some time to remember why you do what you do and approach it with renewed focus. And under renew, of course, is the second Step to Greatness: Renew Your Crew! Curate your life to make sure you have only the best and most positive, accomplished people around you–your crew should support and inspire you!

Re-Do: Allow yourself a do-over! Did you start a project you’re now realizing isn’t quite going to work out the way you’d planned? Got what you thought would be your dream job and it’s turned out to be a nightmare? It’s alright to retreat, re-assess, and re-do whatever it is.

What areas of your life need the three Rs? How are you refreshing and renewing, and what needs re-do-ing? Let’s talk about it!

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