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What’s all this “Reading” Business, Anyway?

Bless up fam! This week’s prayer and meditation focused on the energy of Orunmila and aligning ourselves with the spirit of truth.

This is what divination — or getting “readings” — is all about and why it is so important. Divination is a tool that we practitioners of African and Diasporic religions (ADR) use in order to take a glance up, down, and side to side to see what there is to see.

Practitioners of ADR get divination on a regular basis, the beginning of the year is always a good time, in order to help stay aligned with one’s destiny and the path they should be traveling (and you can do that with me by clicking here)

The diviners job — whether they are using and opele, tarot cards, obi, water, or any other medium — is to receive truthful messages from the spiritual realm and relay them to the person receiving the reading in order to assist them along their path. These messages often contain important advice but, as we know, we have free will and so whether we heed the advice or not is up to us.

Oftentimes our hardships in life come from refusing to accept what is true and refusing to heed good advice. A wise person learns from the mistakes of others and does not always have to make the same mistakes themselves.

We ask Orunmila to help us heed the wisdom of our bodies — that gut knows when something is wrong! — and to walk in the light of truth. Ase!

This week’s mantra:

I honor the wisdom of my body, I walk in the light of truth. Orunmila, help me to see what is real, and to heed sound advice in order to avoid life’s pitfalls. Ase!

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