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Keeping a Cool Head with Obatala

Eeepa Orisa o! This week’s prayer and meditation focused on the energy of Obatala and his capacity for helping us to keep our minds cool and patient.

In this world of quick fixes and instant gratification, one of the most difficult things to do is… wait. Without spinning our mental wheels overthinking. Without beginning to doubt ourselves when something doesn’t happen as quickly as we think it should. Simply embracing the journey with an open heart  and faith in ourselves and our ability to make magic  in the world!

Obatala is the patient father divinity, the one who was commissioned by Olodumre to come down and create dry land on top of the waters that formerly covered the earth. While our tellings of the story can make it sound like this all happened instantaneously, it didn’t. It took time for the land to spread, for the mountains to rise, and for the ground to become solid enough for our friend agemo, the chameleon, to come down and test it to make sure it was stable enough to support life. Each step of the process took time–maybe millenia!–and he had to wait patiently until each step was done before moving on to the next.

This week’s mantra: I am cool and patient; I embrace healing and transformation. Obatala help me to keep my head cool, protect me from overthinking and self-doubt. Ase!

Not only did Obatala have to be patient, he also had to trust the process. He had to have faith that each step was moving him closer to his ultimate goal, even when he couldn’t see where it was leading. Uncharted territory is just that: uncharted! No one has ever lived this exact life you are living right now, no one has ever been you. So be patient and loving with yourself, keep your head cool, and when in doubt… chill.

Praying the very best for you, now and always!


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