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Ọya Don’t Take No Shorts… Neither Should You

funlayo oya

Channeiing my inner Oya, eeeeepa Yanza!

Bless up fam! Bawo ni? (How are things?)

This week’s prayer and meditation focused on the energy of Ọya in her manifestation as the queen of the marketplace.

If you’ve ever been to an African market, you know that what you not gon’  do is cheat a market woman. She knows the value of her goods and while she might haggle with you a bit, she will NEVER accept less than what she knows her goods are worth.

So here’s the big question: Do you know your worth? Like, really.

How much do you think an hour of your time is worth? One of your great ideas? Your sage advice? Your presence? Your creative products? Your love? If you said, “nothing” or “I don’t know,” you’ve got some homework to do. For everything you have to offer the world — and I’m sure that’s a lot! — you should know what it’s worth to you.   

If you do have a sense of what your time, effort, love, and or products are worth, are you afraid to ask for it? Do you feel guilty about asking people to pay you what you’re worth? Do you set prices but then end up discounting and giving away so much you never get ahead? In relationships, do you give, and give, and give while the other person is putting in little to no effort?

C’mon now! You better stop it! Reciprocity is the law of the universe, so make sure you’re not doing all the giving and not getting anything back in return.  

And understand, this isn’t all about money: any time you spend with something that isn’t serving your highest good or bringing you value in some way is time wasted. And time is your most valuable asset, one you can’t get back. So be sure you’re spending it wisely and in service of your higher self. 

Tibi tire la da ile aiye
It is loss and blessing that make the world (go round)

The takeaway?

Oya don’t take no shorts, and nether should you! Embrace your value and know that you only do yourself — and others who could benefit from your magic — a disservice by not asking for and accepting that which you deserve.  Remember, people actually like to spend their time and money on things that are valuable to them. And what you’re offering to the world is valuable! Don’t ever forget that. 

Just like the market woman knows you need that palm oil to cook your food or that dress to wear to the party, know that the world needs what you have. And don’t be afraid to make them work for it!  Research shows they’ll value it way, way more

This week’s mantra: I am worthy of my blessings! Oya, help me to see all aspects of my value, help me to ask for and accept what I deserve! Ase!

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Blessings on blessings,

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