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Monday Message: Celebrate Yaself! Take a Risk, Open to Newness

Monday Mornings are fast becoming a Family favorite! Thanks to those who were with us on Clubhouse today, if you weren’t, shommone and be with us next week. We reflected on our Orisa Prayer and Meditation message from Sango which encourages us to ensure we have balance between confidence and humility. Remember that we have to bow down to be raised up, and we also have to know when to stand tall in our own power. Which one are you in need of cultivating today?
Our Monday Message from spirit is coming from the 4 of Wands and Mookaite Jasper. Put on your party hat because it’s time to celebrate! The four of wands invites you to recognize the stable place within yourself and how far you have come. You may not be finished yet—what is “finished” anyway, as long as we’re living there’s more to do—but you have come to a good place and you are being invited to celebrate it. Even if it doesn’t feel that way, spirit is asking you to find one thing to celebrate this week, one win on which to focus rather than any perceived losses.
And then, Mookaite Jasper kicks in the door saying “come on let’s go!” as it encourages you to use that stable place indicated by the four of wands as a launching pad off of which to take risks. If you want something different, you’ve got to do something different and that includes letting go of past hurts, doing real work to overcome childhood traumas, and being willing to be wrong or possibly get hurt in the process of moving toward your destiny. Mistakes and pain are unavoidable, and there’s no crime in them. The only crime is in stagnation and not taking steps towards your destiny. Mookaite Jasper encourages you to embrace yourself fully, rev up the confidence—balanced with humility, of course—and do the dang thang!
We also read a verse from Ifa that reminds us of the importance of accepting truth and being honest with ourselves FIRST. What truth are you willing to face today? How can you let that truth empower you, whatever it may be and however you may have felt about it before?
Take this with you through the week, and have a great one! We are looking forward to Communiversity classes getting started tonight, if you’re not registered there still time. Text ‘learn’ to 917-634–4680 for a special discount code. See you at the café in an hour!
~Iya Funlayo
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