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Prayer Reflection: Oya and the Power of Change


Bless up fam!

This week’s prayer and meditation focused on the energy of Oya and the power of change. Change is life’s ONLY constant, and we must all embrace it in order to be happy! To fight change is to fight life itself. Flow, don’t fight.

Can we keep it real? (Of course we can) Resistance to change is most people’s number one blockage to their success. If you want to have a life that is different and better than the one you have, you have to DO different and better things! When it comes to winning at life, there’s no substitute for developing new and more productive thought patterns, habits and personal connections… but that means being willing to let some of the old ones go!

Oya is the goddess of the odo Oya (better known as the Niger river) and also of the wind. She embodies change of all kinds: a gentle breeze can change you from warm to cool, while a tornado’s wind can change the entire landscape!

This week’s mantra:

The old saying goes that everyone man want heaven but no man want die. Everyone wants the rewards, but no one wants to make the sacrifice — the change — required to get them. Go on ahead and let them old habits and connections die so better ones can grow in their place. Can I get an ase? Ase! 

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