Finally, I suggest taking some time to simply be alone and think (and sometimes not think!). Think about what truly makes you happy in life. What would you do if money wasn’t a concern? What do you genuinely enjoy? Once you identify those things, try as best you can to do them. Of course, we have to make money to live but if we can make money doing something as close as possible to what we enjoy, it feels less like work and more like we’re simply doing what we love.

You said that you thought you knew how you wanted your life to be and that you were wrong. I would say that you weren’t necessarily “wrong” but that you have grown and matured and what you want has changed and that’s to be expected. At 5 all we want in life is to play and eat french fries for dinner… at 15 all we want is for our parents to leave us alone, let us go to parties and do whatever we want… at 25 we want something else… at 35 something else, an so on. Growth and maturity help to refine us and get us closer to what we truly and ultimately want. It sounds like you’re going through some growth and I am very excited for you to find the path that will make you feel most satisfied!

All in all, believing that you can be better and doing your best to maintain a positive attitude even when you don’t feel like your 100% there is one of the most important things you can do for yourself to aid your success. Trust yourself, trust the process and believe that you can be better. No one will be perfect but, as one of my childhood mentors always said: “reach for the stars and if you fall, at least you’ll land among the clouds.”

All the best to you today and always. I pray that you find what you are looking for, but most of all I pray that you never stop seekingAse!