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Monday Message: Stay Hopeful, Trust Your Intuition, Recommit

E ku ojo Aje! Greetings on the day of wealth! E ku Monday! Monday greetings! Thank you to those who were with us on Clubhouse this morning and to all of you who joined us for Orisa Prayer and Meditation yesterday, both were high times as always!

Our Sunday message which came through the energy of Oya reminded us of the importance of walking in our truth and know when it’s time to cut things off and let them go. I noted that walking confidently takes having adequate knowledge of what you’re walking with. Many of us have come into African spirituality from Christianity or other traditions which we had been learning about—whether formally or informally—our entire lives. In order to have the same confidence in our knowledge of African spirituality it will take  dedication to conscious study, consistently reinitiating ourselves with knowledge as Ifa tells us is necessary because we don’t have another lifetime to spend getting it through exposure. I invited each of us to recommit to what it is we say we believe in, whatever that may be, and commit to learning our prayers and ways of worship so we can stand proud and walk confidently!

We love our card pulls for the week, don’t we? Spirit came through, as always, with Child (XIII) (from the Grandma Baby’s Black Gold oracle deck), which encourages us to have hope and to reacquaint ourselves with our childhood dreams and innocence. Have you become hardened? Is it difficult to find joy? Have you stopped expecting the best? If the answer to any of these is “yes,” Child (XIII) says enough: it’s time to dream big again! It’s time to remember that anything is possible. This coincides perfectly with the Sunday message as one of the hallmarks of child-like energy is curiosity and excitement about learning, so get excited about learning the things that are important to you.

Moonstone, our crystal ally for the week, is the perfect companion to “Child” as it encourages us to listen to our inner selves, trust our feelings and intuition, and know that they are as valuable as—at moments, more valuable than—our logical minds. You know how the old folks say that children always speak the truth? That’s because, as the Yoruba out it, “the youngest palm frond is closest to heaven,” meaning children are closest to their Olodumare-like selves that only knows how to speak truth. Through socialization, we learn to mistrust what we see and even to lie about it in the interest of being “polite.” This leads us to disconnect from our intuition and the things that we know to be true innately. We are encouraged this week to reconnect with that pure truth that our spirit knows, and meditation with moonstone can assist in doing that.

If you missed being with me and the Family on Clubhouse this am, follow me now and plan to join us next week at 8 am est. I’ll look forward to seeing you around the rest of our weekly events. Ire o!

~Iya Funlayo

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